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Bio: Tom Junkans (Cavebiker)

This biography is about adventure travels, not my favorite color or anything like that. Why you found me here; In 2005' my wife Heidi and I started a website to journal a nine-month Mexico jeep adventure and also to help inspire others to try Independent Adventure Travel. We store all our adventure travel images for the website on, which is here, its an ultimate photo site. So, if you have some free time please check-us-out -->

Motorcycle bio: Tom Junkans
12: My mother picked up “Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance” at a rummage sale. I have four older brothers with motorcycles or cool cars, so she knew I liked bikes.

14 : I flew solo to Tempe Arizona to visit my older sister Cassie who was there attending her first year at college. We hitch hiked to Disneyland, attended the ”Smoke on the Water” concert, camped the Superstition Mountains and ran a river in inner tubes. While there Cassie gave me the use of her motorcycle, a Suzuki 100. I rode all the hills and trails around Tempe. What a blast, what a sister!

14 -15 : The next summer Cassie gives me the Suzuki, WOW! I spent the next two years exploring the back woods and fire lanes of Northern Wisconsin doing numerous cross county overnight motorcycle camping trips. My mother would pack me a big bag lunch for the ride and I would assure her that I will take all back roads so I don’t get caught by the Cops. I have the best mother.

16 : After working at Telmark Ski lodge as a dishwasher I bought a 1973' R5-350 Yamaha, a two-stroke, two-cylinder sport bike. That summer I rode 300 miles south to visit some friends. While at my friend Bob's I saw a National Geographic program about Yellowstone National Park. I thought it looked pretty cool. The next day with a borrowed road-atlas, my tent and sleeping bag, I pointed the Yamaha west to Yellowstone Park. That ride brought me through snow, parties with other travelers, bikers, I bought beer and kissed a girl in my tent. ...

17 : I rode with full camping and hiking gear from Hayward Wisconsin to the Colorado Rocky Mountain National Park. I rode the 350 Yamaha and my High School buddy Tom H. rode his DT250 enduro. We backpacked the Rocky Mountain national park ‘back country’ into the snow, we rafted on the Colorado river and partied with other travelers and Colorado locals. ---- I think a pattern is forming.

19 : I took a year off from college and with two friends from my home town Hayward Wisconsin, we rode around the country by motorcycles, camping, exploring and working along the way. The motorcycle was a 1976' Yamaha RD400, a super sport bike and the upgraded model of the 350. I had an accident in Pan Handle Texas and spent 5 days in a hospital in Amarillo. With the help from a preacher with a pickup truck and a welder in his garage, we were back on the road to Las Vegas to visit my oldest brother Caesar. After my face healed up, I bartended at Sun Devil Disco lounge in Tempe Arizona and others while exploring Arizona, California and Mexico. At the end of March my buddies and I rode to Florida and rented a house just off Main Street Dayton Beach, 5 blocks from the beach. I worked at Big Mothers Disco right on the Dayton Beach strip, the biggest sound system in Florida, or so they said. Wow and wow, that was a ride!

Late 20's: I met a woman in Hayward Wisconsin and on our second date she told me that I wasn't the man for her, she wanted someone that would take her to live on an island! I said "you stick with me for a few years baby and I'll sail you to an island"…… Six years later we quit our jobs, sold our house, sailboat and trucks, rolled out some 401K and took off for the Dominica Republic. We spent two years living on the beach, windsurfing and traveling the country by motorcycle, an ultimate adventure but also an ultimate struggle at times, a Caribbean island fantasy adventure for sure.

40s and 50s
: Las Vegas by motorcycle 01’
: Mexico & Belize by motorcycle 02’
: Veracruz Mexico 02’
: Copper Canyon Mexico by motorcycle 03’
: Las Vegas by motorcycle 03’
: Copper Canyon Mexico by motorcycle 04’
: Two up on a Sportster – Sturgis 05’
: 6 months in Mexico by Jeep 05’
: Glacier National Park by motorcycle 06’
: Over a year on the road 2-up on motorcycle, Wisconsin to Panama Central America 07’- 09’
: 6 months Dominican Republic and the Haitian border by motorcycle 2010’
: South Dakota August ride 12' (wink)
: South Dakota August ride 13'
: Las Vegas ride 14'
: South Dakota August ride 14'
: South Dakota August ride 15'
: 4WD adventure Baja Mexico 16'
: NORRA Mexican 1000 17'
: NORRA Mexican 1000 18' 2nd in class
: -> Stay tuned for 2019' !

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